Time for an update!

Hey, hey, hey.

So it has been a while since my last, sorry about that but it has been super busy over here and it is just going to keep getting busier so, I thought I should just give you all a brief summary of what has been happening lately and what is happening in the weeks ahead.

Between the 21st and the 27th of September it was Pre-school week here in Fiji and Danica and I were graced with the privilege of joining the adorable kindy children for there week of celebrations. On Tuesday we went to Rutu Ilissa Memorial school for the official opening of Pre-School week for our cluster. There are 7 schools in our cluster, and each Kindergarten class presented an item to the audience of parents, brothers and sisters, teachers and specials guests. Most of the items performed were dances, our Kindy students performed 2 short items, a character parade where each student said what they wanted to be when they grow up and a traditional Fijian dance called the Meke.
On Wednesday we went to Tuva Primary school where their were more festivities for the children including a demonstration from the fire department and a demonstration from the police k-9 squad, the children adored the dogs and cheered so loud when they jumped through the the hoops.
The main event however was on Friday, it was a whole day excursion to Nadi and its surrounds. First stop was the airport, the children were so excited to see a plane up close, even the parents were pretty excited! Next was the weather station to see a weather balloon being let go. Then a quick stop at the supermarket to grab some snacks before heading off to port Denarau to see the boats and all the tourists that were there! After that we headed to a park in Nadi to eat lunch and treat the kids to some well deserved and needed ice-cream. After lunch we headed to our last stop of the day, the Momi Gun sight which had spectacular views! We then headed home via the bumpy back road, and dropped the children and there parents off along the way.
It was a fantastic week! I loved it, the children are all so lovely, except for when they are hitting and fighting one another to see who gets to hold mine or Danica’s hands. . .

Last Saturday we were once again bored and so we started looking up things to do, we wanted to see a movie but there are only 2 movie theaters in the whole of Fiji and they are both about 2 1/2 hours away. However, one is in Lautoka which is where our ‘sister’ Ka is! So we went on a little road trip to visit her and Leedo (our ‘cousin’). Once we got there we didn’t end up seeing a movie, instead we went to a festival that was on in town, the Lautoka city councils sugar festival! No, there was not sugar everywhere but Lautoka is known as the ‘sugar city’ because it produces a lot of sugar basically. . . but anywho, the festival was really fun. I took Ka and Pax on there first every Ferris wheel ride! THEY WERE TERRIFIED! It was actually hilarious how scared they were but it was understandable, it was not the safest looking Ferris wheel I have ever been on.

This week at school we have been doing a lot of preparation for the athletics carnival which is on this Wednesday. All the kids in squad have been training so hard and we hope to come first at in our cluster and hopefully send lots of students from our school to Nationals later this year!
We have been trying to raise money to buy new sports uniforms for the students, none of them have proper sports gear. We have had 2 bring and buys where the parents bring cakes, sweets and baked goods to the school for the students to buy. We also had a donation from Australia recently but the items are things that the school doesn’t need, such as old televisions that don’t work, text books for university and 5 massive bags of old used clothes. So what did we do with it, well the clothes anyway, we sold them to people in the village and used the money raised to help buy the sports uniforms for the school. On Saturday night we had a curry night to help raise more money, fingers crossed we raise enough and even have some left over!

Also on Saturday Danica and I went into Sigatoka to do some shopping all by ourselves! We are now strong independent Fijian women! However we did need one of our students to help us find the right bus to go home on, thank goodness he was there! Once we got back to the junction, the road that leads into our village, we called someone to come and get us. Danica called and neither of us realized that the man we were calling was sitting in the van right behind us until he said, “Yeah, I’m behind you…” It was so awkward but so hilarious at the same time!

This week is set to be another busy and hectic one! Wednesday is the athletics carnival at Tuva primary, where Wai will win! We have face paint and I am going to make pom poms and we are going to teach the kids cheers! Wai District will at least win in spirit!  And then Thursday is Fiji Day! Lewa and Vava are taking us to a small island for a picnic! It should be lots of fun! Then on the weekend Danica and I are going to Ovalau (an island just off the main island of Fiji) to meet up with all the other volunteers! It should be so much fun, we are going on a tour of a volcano or something like that! I am really excited for this whole week!

I also want to publicly, on my blog, say how sorry I am to the best friends in the entire world, Jacinta, Bri, David and Jordan I am truly so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so SORRY for missing our skype date!! I promise never to do it again! I feel so terrible, forgive me please! 😦 

I better go and sleep now because it is 11pm here. When I wake up my exciting week will begin!

But one last thing:


Love you all!
Miss you all!


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