An Unforgettable Week.

I am currently lying on my bed, listening to my host brother and sister laughing and singing along to Cheerleader by OMI while I am typing this post on to my blog. My life is good, I love it. While being in Fiji is hard at times and sometimes it is easier to see the negative side of things, the good times defiantly outweigh the bad and I wouldn’t change a thing about my life right now.

This past week has been not only an exceptional one but so far my absolute favourite week here in Fiji. Starting from last Monday 7th October till Sunday 13th October I would do it over a billion times if I could.

Monday (7th October) was just a normal school day, although no school day is really considered ‘normal’ here, and still I had an absolutely fantastic day. Danica and I spent the whole school day making pom poms for the schools athletics carnival! And then after school we stayed back till 5pm and just hang out with the kids that stay in the hostel. It was just one of those days where you know life is good, where you know that you are going to remember where you were, what you did and who you were with. I don’t know what it was in particular about that day but it was just one of those days, a good day.
Tuesday (8th October) was another day spent making pom poms and not doing much else but the thing that made that day so special was hearing the class 8 boys brake out into a song, and not just any song but a Justin Bieber song. I really wish it would let me upload the video but it won’tL. Danica, myself and a few other students were just sitting in the staff room making pom poms when all of a sudden the class 8 boys, so 14-15 year olds, were singing Justin Bieber. I know I will always remember that moment.
Wednesday (9th October) was the school athletics carnival! It was the most funniest day ever! The kids all did so well! I’m not going to lie I was really proud of them all, I don’t think I have screamed so loud in my entire life! I think the biggest cheer I did was for Tiko, one of our class 8 girls (and one of my favourites, not that I have favourites), she is a long distance runner, she easily won the 1500m race but the 800m was one of the best  races of the day. Tiko put a massive lead between her and her opponents at the start of the race but then with just less than 2 laps left Tiko was over taken but she managed to catch up and the last 100m were the most intense seconds of the day but when she raised her arms as she crossed the finish line all the Wai people let out a tremendous cheer because we knew she had won! It was just such an amazing atmosphere to be a part of! The pom poms Danica and I made were put to good use, especially by our most flamboyant cheerleader, a fairy (homosexual) who had all the right moves! He was actually hilarious until he almost got arrested because he ran onto the track. . . Out of 9 schools Wai District came 5th, now while that doesn’t sound to great it really is. The team that came 6th had only 4 gold’s but Wai had 12 gold’s! And the teams that came 3rd and 4th also had 12 gold’s! It was just our second places that put us in 5th place, but all the teachers and students were proud with their achievements and so they should be it was an amazing day. I am so glad I got to be a part of it, even if I got into it a little bit too much sometimes (people who know what I am like on the netball court will know what I mean).
Thursday (10th October – Fiji Day) was Fiji day, a public holiday here in Fiji, the equivalent of Australia day in Australia if that wasn’t obvious. To Celebrate we went to Natadola beach, which is home the biggest resort on the western side of Fiji, the Intercontinental Resort. Danica and I went with all our host ‘sisters’, Ka, Pax, Leedo, Shop, Memcy, Kletty and little Juli. We had such a fun day taking way to many photos, bury people in the sand, swimming in the ocean, just embracing the beach. It was also the first time Danica and I had been to the beach in Fiji, we were very very excited to see the beach. At first we thought we weren’t going to go because when we woke up on Thursday morning it was raining but the rain cleared and it ended up being an ok day, still over cast, and I still ended up getting sunburnt.
Friday (11th October) was spent travelling. We left our home in Lomawai at 7am and arrived in Levuka, Ovalau at a little bit before 7pm . . . . practically 12hours of travel but, it was worth it! First we travelled to Sigatoka town, and then we caught another bus to Suva. We met up with our host brother Tahy in Suva and had lunch with him before continuing travelling by another bus to the jetty where we then got a ferry over to Ovalau and then got another bus to Levuka. Friday was alot of buses. Once in Levuka we met up with almost all the other volunteers, it was great to see everyone after what felt like forever, even though it had only been about 5 weeks.
Saturday (12th October) was the day that we had gone to Levuka for; it was the day of Epi’s tour. Epi is our country manager for Lattitude, Joanne’s husband and he runs a tour over the mountain and into the crater in the centre, to the village of Lovoni, which happens to be Epi’s village. That didn’t make sense, but any way basically we hike over a mountain. Epi, our guide, showed us the way, so did his adorable sons, Epi also showed us plants that can be used a medicine and that we could eat. It was really interesting, but what I found the most interesting was the history behind Ovalau which Epi told us once we reached the village of Lovoni.  But before we got to the village we jumped in the river for a quick dip, and when I say jump I mean jumped! I jumped into a river, off a cliff, I don’t really do that, so that was new, and really really fun! I am super glad I did it, a once in a lifetime experience I think. J Any who, the hike was amazing, the view, oh my goodness words can honestly not describe how beautiful it was! The water seems to be bluer there, it was just so spectacular to stand at the top of the mountain and see the ocean stretch on forever, in the most stunning shade of blue possible, and I could have looked at it forever.  Once we got back into town after our hike we then went to one of the other volunteers’ houses for dinner, Ashleigh leaves up the apparently famous 199 steps, so if they are in fact famous, I have climbed those steps, 3 times! After dinner, we went ‘clubbing’ I can officially say I have been clubbing in Fiji, it wasn’t that great, pretty much just like Canberra but with Fijian music and Fijians. . . But it was fun it hang with and dance with the other volunteers.
Sunday (13th October) was our last day in Ovalau, and that meant it was another day of travelling but not before Ashleigh made us an amazing breakfast of babacow, puffed up pancakes, they were delicious!  Then we were bored before we had to get the bus so we couldn’t leave before Jo, our country manager, could give us an unofficial tour of Levuka (unofficial because you aren’t meant to do town tours on a Sunday). Levuka looks as though it has been used in an old western film. Almost all the buildings are the oldest not only in Fiji but the oldest of that kind in the South Pacific, which is pretty cool, and very old! After our tour we got back on the bus and headed to the jetty and reversed the process of getting to Levuka. We made it home just after 8:30pm, and fell asleep not long after that.

It was an amazing, and unforgettable week. I would like to thank Nicole at Clara’s lodge for having Danica, Charlotte and myself. I would also like to thank Joanne and her family, for simply being amazing and letting us crash there Sunday morning plans. Thank you to the other volunteers who organised the whole weekend, Amy, Darcy, Alison, Blaise, Gabriella, Sarah, Sarah and lucky last Ashleigh, you girls are amazing!

Wish you could have all been there, but well you weren’t sorry about that. Maybe next time. 😛

Love you all.
Miss you all.


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  1. Joanne

    So glad you have many memories to cherish forever

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