Glee, Geckos,Goats and Goodbyes

Bula Again,
So today this post has 4 different things I want to write about: Glee, Geckos, Goats and Goodbyes.

Glee: So weekends can be quite boring at times. Especially Saturdays. So this Saturday after our few chores were done was watch Glee episodes and tried and download movies from the interenet but the signal wasn’t strong enough so it didn’t work. Saturday afternoon we had to rake the grass from around the church but otherwise it was just a lazy day.

Geckos: So geckos just drop down on you from the sky in Fiji! I was just sitting on my bed checking facebook on my computer when suddenly a gecko decided it would be a good time to fall onto my lap. Needless to say I screamed and ran out of my room! Danica also had a gecko experience recently, she was hanging out her washing when a gecko decided to fall onto her shoulder! Her reaction was similar to mine, she screamed, she ran away!

Goats: In the past few days we have seen alot of goats! There just appear to be everywhere! On Sunday we saw a goat in the back of a taxi, just tied there, chilling out. I’m glad we didn’t get in that taxi because other wise we might not have any hair left! Another place I saw a goat was this morning, a lady who was dropping her children off at school was leading a goat along on a piece of rope. Just casually taking her goat on a stroll.

Goodbyes: Goodbye is a difficult word to say, no matter how long a time you are saying it for. Yesterday (Sunday 22nd September), Danica and I went to the airport to say goodbye to a fellow volunteer. She decided to go home after being under so much stress at her placement and not being able to cope with it all. She was put in a classroom with 70 grade 2’s, so 7-8 year olds, with no assistance from the  class teacher and the head teacher was no help at all. She tried, she really did and I think it is better that she leave now rather than staying and feeling miserable the whole time. I am really glad Danica and I took the trip into Nadi to see her off because no one else was at the airport with her. She seemed so happy to be going home.Another person we have to say goodbye to is our host sister Kah, she is actually going back to uni tomorrow morning. We will miss her a great deal but she has promised to come back and visit on weekends!

Miss you all back home.
Love you all too!


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