I am eating CHOCOLATE!!!


I don’t think anyone can fully understand how excited I was when I managed to buy  some Cadbury dairy milk chocolate, 2 blocks, Snack & top deck! OMG I was practically jumping up and down in the store! After almost a month without chocolate it tastes just like heaven! It might have cost around $30 for the 2 blocks but it was worth it, my craving has been satisfied and I can now resume living!

In other news it was parents day at school today so Danica and I went into town to buy the school a few supplies as well as some my blouses for school, because we washed all of ours and they didn’t dry in time for school the next day so we thought we should get some more. Yes mum I even manage to buy clothes in Fiji, I can shop anywhere, you know me.

Oh so parents day is when all the kids come to school with their parents and they look over the kids school reports with the students teacher. It only takes half the day but the kids come with their parents and than leave after there interview so there were no classes today hence why we were allowed to go into town.

We went with Kah, who is BACK!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!! THAT IS MORE EXCITING THAN CHOCOLATE!!! Kah went back to Uni in Laotoka on Monday but her classes didn’t start till next week so she came back for the rest of this week. She missed us to much! 🙂 But Tahy also went back to uni on Sunday and his classes did start so he is still in Suva. 😦 Oh Tahy is Lewa and Vavas son, so I guess you could call him our host brother. He only arrived on Monday he had a week study break and wanted to come and meet us. 🙂

I know alot of this may not make sense but I think I am on a sugar high from the chocolate so I am terribly sorry for all the spelling and grammatical errors, please forgive me!

What else has happened recently? Oh well next  week is Preschool week, or Kindy week. So on Tuesday Danica and I get to go to another school with all 18 of the Kindy kids, their parents and the kindy teacher for the opening, the kids are doing some traditional Fijian dances and little skits it should be really fun! And then on Friday we are going on an excursion with them as well we are going to the airport, the weather station and a whole bunch of other places I can’t think of but that should be good too and it will give Danica and I a chance to see more of Fiji as well.

This past week we have helping the Kindy teacher (I know her name I just can’t spell it…) with decorations and signs, just trying to make the Kindy unit look nice and colourful because I think on Wednesday Kindy kids from other school will be coming to Wai and so it has to look really really good! Also we have to wear these special shirts for Kindy week that we are having made, that was another reason we went into town today, to get the material for the shirts.

Boarding has also started back up at Wai, there are about 30 students who stay at the school, most of them are from Navutu Village which is a good 20 kms probably even more actually away from the school. Last night Danica and I went up to the school at 6pm to help the boarders make name tags for their beds, it was lots of fun and we used a lot of shine shine. 🙂

I got the optunity to go to Navutu this past Sunday with the Sunday school. There was a Sunday school rally where 3 different Churches Sunday school kids sang, it was a competition but all the team got 30 points so everyone was a winner. Danica stayed home with Kah so it was just me and Lewa who went, but Pax showed there as well. All the kids were dressed in these beautiful white dresses and they sung so beautifully, all the people here are such good singers! They all sound so beautiful! After the signing and church service we had afternoon tea which was delicious! SO MUCH PIE!!! I do love pie!

At the moment we have no running water, we haven’t had any for 4 days now. We are able to get water from somewhere, I am not sure where but because Lewa gets it but there is normally water in the basin. But that is the major issue at the moment. It was meant to come back on at 4pm today but it hasn’t come on yet and it is now past 6pm so we will just have to wait and see.

Danica and I learnt a very important lesson last Wednesday, never do a paint class in the afternoon with class 1 & 2!!! WORST IDEA EVER!!! It was crazy, the kids wouldn’t sit still and it was just a nightmare!!! We did a paint class with the 5 & 6 students eariler and that went well enough but class 1 & 2 were just out of control!

And then on Thursday we had the official handing over of the new bunks to the school. It was VERY OFFICAL! Lots of government people and no Fijian ceremony would be complete without Kava drinking! We had to wear our Chambas and it was super doper hot in a tiny room with all the students and all the official people! And then we all had afternoon tea and more PIE!

We also had the pleasure of going to a Fijian 21st birthday party last Saturday night it was alot different to an Australian 21st!  It was for our friend Lido, she goes to Uni with Kah but she lives in a village closer to the school, Kubuna, which is where the party was held so we have done a lot of walking this week. Of course Danica and I were the second guests of honor at the party. I call it white privileges people treat us so differently than they treat Fijian people of the same age it annoys me alot of the time, I just want us to be like them but no because we are white we get special privileges. It is nice and I understand that they aren’t doing it to be mean in fact they are doing for the opposite reason but still.

On Tuesday night we had another white privilege we were asked to be guests at a restaurant here in the village! However the restaurant had no food or drinks, it was all imaginary. It was for a hospitality course that alot of the people our age are doing. We got waited on, it was alot of fun! I particularly like the Green lobster!

The kids at school have also started training for the upcoming athletics. I am going to train with them tomorrow; I am actually excited I feel as though I have done no exercise since I got here! But we do walk home from school every day and to school some days, when we don’t catch the bus so I guess that counts.

I think that’s all, I know there is something else but I want to show my family first and then I will tell all my lovely blog viewers. Don’t worry it’s not exciting at all.

I only planned on this being a short post and it has turned into over 1,300 words, sorry. I am also sorry about how confusing it was, I just kind of started writing about everything and so it is pretty much just word vomit. But I hope you enjoyed reading it!



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