20 days, 5 hours, 30 minutes and 4 seconds

MY FIRST POST EVER! So it is 1 am and I can’t sleep so I decided to try and make a blog for when I go to Fiji! Which is in less than 3 weeks!! In fact at this time in 3 weeks I will be asleep (hopefully) in Fiji for my first night of many! After the first day of orientation, well the first night and eagerly awaiting the first full day of orientation! 

I can’t help but wonder what I will be thinking at this time in 3 weeks? Will I already be missing home? Will the girls I am sharing a room with (for orientation) snore? or will they laugh at me because I snore?  Am I really cut out for this? Will the kids at the school like me? Who will my host family be? Who will be in my group for the activities tomorrow? 

In 3 weeks time it will also be the first time I will have met Danica, who is my placement partner, and I really hope she likes me because, she will probably be my best friend for the next 3 months, haha. Also I will be sharing a room with Blaise at Orientation, a fellow volunteer who I meet at the Sydney briefing camp, hopefully she remembers me.

At least I will have two people I vaguely know there, that is one of my biggest fears, not just with going to Fiji (although it is a major one) but just in general, and that is fitting in. I never feel as though I fit, I feel as though I am bent and squished so I am made to fit. But fingers crossed Fiji is the perfect fit for me and I can slide right in!


Flannery in Fiji.



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